MoviPoster™ Holograms are used to display full colour, 3-dimensional moving images that are activated when the viewer walks past.

The effects are similar to that of a lenticular screen but a lot smoother and with considerably better projection and depth. Use 80 frames of video (approx. 3 seconds) to display high-resolution live action or CGI footage (or a combination of both) to wow your customers and put your brand at the front of their minds as they interact with the hologram.

Take a look at the reactions they caused, during our first major campaign for Nike, back in 2003.

Colour Holographic has produced MoviPoster™ campaigns for many multinational clients, including Cadbury, Guinness and Sony PlayStation. We are also still running a campaign for Warner Brothers in select cinemas. 

Sizes for MoviPoster™ Holograms are 30x40cm (12’ x 16’) and 50x60cm (20’ x 24’). Please contact us for a consultation.