TruLife Augmented Reality Systems™  seamlessly overlay data about the world that surrounds us with our own view of that world, by using our holographic waveguide technology. Using TruLife Optics™, we can display single or full RGB colour data at any distance required, up to infinity. Please visit our new website at for more information about our waveguiding optical solutions, including details of our TL1 optic which is now available for purchase.

Head-up displays

An integratable head-up display system, available in various sizes with single to full colour options, offering close to 100% transparency for augmented reality applications. All data is displayed with unparalleled brightness and contrast, and is precisely focused, so the user can see both the data and the world that surrounds them, without re-focusing their eyes.

TruLife Optics™ head-up displays could be integrated into vehicle dashboards, enabling drivers to see important information without taking their eyes off the road. This would be a truly unique and innovative safety feature for cars and the motor industry as a whole. 


A smaller version of the head-up display, TruLife Optics™ Eyeware can display information about the world a person is seeing, while they’re seeing it, without the need to change the focus of the eyes. Perfect for a critical safety device in high-risk environments or to create a useful and mind-blowing augmented reality experience. 

Interested in the science?

PDF Brochure (available to download soon)