The very nature of TruLife™ Holograms makes them ideal for the arts and entertainments industry. Read on to find out how you can add a little unreal reality to your creations. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in detail.

TruLife™ for Film Studios

Create holograms of unique props, costume accessories and other items from your films, so fans can buy exact replicas of items from their favourite movies and TV shows. Or create innovative holographic promotions to engage with your moviegoers.

TruLife™ for Video Game companies

Produce holograms of real items from your video game, like iconic weaponry, clothing, medals etc. to sell as official gaming merchandise or to promote your next game launch.

TruLife™ for Theme Parks & Attractions

Use our unique holographic effects to create a mind-bending attraction at theme or amusement parks or create premium products for sale in your on-site and online stores.

TruLife™ for Record Labels

Create exact holographic replicas of the actual instruments used by your most famous artists, or their clothing, accessories, awards and discs, to introduce a line of unreal collectibles every true muso will have to own. 

Interested in using TruLife™?

PDF Brochure (available to download soon)