TruLife™ Holograms can preserve your priceless artefacts and artworks in their current condition forever. Our method of creating the hologram is completely non-intrusive, so your precious items cannot be damaged during the creation process. 

Proudly display your rare, fragile or potentially harmful items in multiple locations, without fear of damage to item or person and without any additional insurance costs.

TruLife™ for Museums

Partner with us to sell TruLife™ Holograms in your on-site or online stores, or create a permanent holographic catalogue of your key items to lend to educational establishments or other museums or to display in multiple locations simultaneously.

TruLife™ for Private Collectors

If you own especially valuable, delicate or dangerous items that you want to have on show, but can’t for safety or insurance reasons, then we can help by creating bespoke TruLife™ Holograms for you. If your items are of particular public interest, please get in touch to discuss revenue opportunities.

TruLife™ Holograms are produced at a standard size size of 20 cm x 26cm (8’ x 10 ’). However, bespoke sizes up to 30 cm x 40cm (12’ x 16’) are possible, for an additional cost.
Holograms can only be made of real objects that do not move. They cannot be made of living entities, body parts, liquids or any other unstable materials.

Interested in using TruLife™ in your museum?

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