All our holograms and optical solutions were born of technology; so naturally have many applications in this sector. From TruLife™ display solutions for hi-tech products, simplifying optical systems with TruLife Optics™ to seamlessly blending the augmented and real worlds with TruLife Augmented Reality Systems™. All our holograms are recorded on our proprietry range of BB holographic plates which can be tailored to suit the specific application.

TruLife™ Holograms

Display technical products and components in a way that will get people talking about them for days afterwards. Ideal for technology or industry trade shows, sales teams or anyone needing a portable presenter for dangerous, valuable, unique or delicate items.

TruLife Optics™

Reduce or completely replace complicated optical systems and components with our durable, solid-state alternative to more conventional optical systems, gratings and combiners. We have replaced apparatus approximately 2-3m in size and using very expensive lenses, with just one small holographic plate. The resulting handheld laser diode device caused the eye to focus at the same distance as the larger apparatus. It has proved to be fantastic at relieving eyestrain during intensive work at the computer.

TruLife Augmented Reality Systems™

Augmented reality display systems, available in various sizes and offering single to full colour, with almost 100% transparency. Any data is displayed with unparalleled brightness and contrast, and is precisely focussed so the user can see both the data and the world that surrounds them – without re-focusing their eyes. Use them to create critical safety displays in hazardous environments, onboard information systems for all types of vehicles, or to create augmented reality glasses, goggles or headsets. 

Interested in using TruLife™?

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